Friday, March 20, 2009

Diet Revival

I’ve decided to create a diet revival. Janet came across an add from the 1930’s that has inspired me.

Now, it’s important to me that you know I support those who are willing to get out there and try to better themselves. God knows that I could do a little more for myself in the swimming pool if I intend on pulling off this plan of living to be 100.

People today are more conscientious about what they are putting into their body, but they are also willing to subject themselves to all sorts of things in order to achieve their goals in regards of weight and fitness.

I thought this idea would be a perfect fit, another option if you will, to quench the public’s desire to “try anything” in order to reach those personal goals.

I mean really, I figure that if people are willing to move away from their families and go onto a TV reality show to get help and lose weight, if they are willing to be wrapped in mud, if they are willing to have their stomach stapled, and are willing to count and keep track of what they are eating, maybe this could really catch on. I mean, it’s just so easy.

Like the add says, No Diet, No Exercise”, and “No Ill Effects”!!!

So order your Sanitized Tape Worms today!!!

I’ll see you all in 2068!!!

1 comment:

e-bone said...

I was all "Gross!" until I saw that they were SANITIZED tape worms. I'm okay with those.

If you want to save time/money, just did what we did and swim in the Wheat Ridge Community Center indoor pool on a busy Saturday. We all got sick and lost weight. I called them "Weight-Friendly Bacteria".